map icon 111 Logsdon, Andrews, Texas 79714



Supplied by the City of Andrews with 16 wells in two diverse fields.

  • Supply capacity: 10.5 mgd.
  • Peak demand: 5.5 mgd. (summer)
  • Ave. demand: 2.7 mgd.
  • Min. available supply: 5.0 mgd


ONCOR Electric Delivery with a reliability rating of 99.975%. Transmission Voltage is 69 KV, 138KV 345 KV & service voltage is single-phase 120/240, 3-phase 120/208y, 3-phase 120/240 delta, 3-phase 277/480y, 3-phase 480 delta.


Type of Treatment Plant is Secondary Treatment System.

  • Capacity: 1.8 mgd.
  • Current use: 1.1 mgd.


Supplied by Texas Gas Service, Inc. a division of One OK Inc. with BTU Content at 1,000 per cubic foot.